What is AJAX novice looking for?

  • If you are defied by AJAX and want to have better experience, then you
    may want to try AJAX Webshop because it features IDE and visualization
    and allows beginners to develop Rich Web applications quickly. Let's
    look at some of its features:

    Based on standard component library it allows Ajax IDE in the pattern
    of rapid application development (RAD)

    Integrated development and management tools are available. Easy-to-use
    visual Unified Modeling Language and visual IDE; complete component
    and object-oriented development pattern

    Rich Web component library

    Troubleshooting IntelliSense support, code editing support, project
    release and deployment support.

    Java, PHP, C#, VB support

    Compatible with IE, Firefox

  • I can't believe someone has actually put that much effort into something as completely useless as an AJAX IDE. Especially not when there are tons of component libraries for it already out there.

  • 									What is AJAX novice looking for?</h4><p>New buzzwords to use? Web 4.0?<br></p>

  • @daxianjin said:

    If you are defied by AJAX

    Ermm - I don't think I am, but I often wonder if I'm missing something basic in my understanding. My AJAX 'library' is about 10 lines long - initialise the XMLRequest object, then pass back the results from the response handler. Everything else is standard DOM manipulation 
    of whatever data I decide the server's going to send back. Isn't that it? Is there something very complicated that I'm missing? Why would anyone that's read any of the 100,000 tutorials out there need this? Please enlighten me.

  • @Benn said:

    My AJAX 'library' is about 10 lines long - initialise the XMLRequest object, then pass back the results from the response handler. Everything else is standard DOM manipulation  of whatever data I decide the server's going to send back. Isn't that it? Is there something very complicated that I'm missing? Why would anyone that's read any of the 100,000 tutorials out there need this? Please enlighten me.

    That definition is a bit narrow. This guy (who previously tried to sell us Nike shoes) pretends to include in his library the handling of the request on the server and the response on the client. It appears to be a DB connectivity library for ASP.NET that renders DB content in HTML and generates server/DB- and browser/JS-code to handle DB changes via AJAX. In itself that is not a terribly bad idea, but this particular implementation sucks in all dimensions.

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