Life is Brillant!

  • A nice pot for EUR 10,99!

  • <FONT face="Courier New" size=2>this reminds me of the ebay WTFuckery with the guy who took pictures of shiny objects naked.</FONT>

  • IsTrue()? IsReallyTrue()?

  • The 'Bril' part of the logo looks distinctly photoshopped. I say IsFalse().

  • @rsynnott said:

    Is this Ikea? If so, it's probably real enough; they enjoy funny made-up names.

    It's not necessarily made-up. "Brillant" is "shiny" in French (as
    opposed to anodized or enamelled), and everyone knows that if you want
    to feign sophistication in the kitchen, you need to use French. Unless
    you're doing cutlery, in which case you'd want to use as much German as
    possible on the label.

    (Note: at €10.99, this is not the kind of mechandise that is trying to
    sell on its own reputation -- an Anolon, Henckels, Kitchenaid, or
    comparable brand pot of the same size would be between five and fifteen
    times the price. Throw in a couple of French words, emphasise a couple
    of features that have a surface similarity to the expensive stuff, and
    watch the people drool over the bargain they're getting. As seen on TV!)

  • I bought a slightly more expensive one that day (also bril^H^H^H^Hshiny, but with an even ground).

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