This way.

  • Since English isn't your native language, I'd like to point out that you misspelled "cunting fuck".

    Returning to your original message, have you tried running "cl /?" from the command prompt?

    If that doesn't work, then note that VS.NET installs a file called
    "vsvars32.bat" (or something similar) -- this is a batch file that sets
    up environment variables (including PATH) such that the command-line
    tools will work. On my PC, the installer helpfully set up PATH so that
    the folder with "vsvars32.bat" was included; if that's not the case on
    your PC, then you'll have to search for it, and run it by hand.

    This information is apparently valid (but provided without warranty)
    for VS.NET 2002. I don't recall it's being any different for 2003.

  • God's teeth, how do I respond to a particular post?! This was intended to be to the preprocessor guy!

    Good thing I know how to spell "fuck" 😉

  • I have now noticed the helpful "Reply" button.

    I also know how to spell "moron".

  • Remember, if someone is more of a moron that you, he or she is not 'moroner'.

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