Google Calendar Weirdness

  • I currently have a rather strange meeting appearing on the Google Calendar Viewer on my iGoogle home page, not the actual Google Calender, just the viewer on iGoogle.

    The meeting details are:

    Engineering status meeting
    When: 26 November 2007 1:30:00 PM
    Where: War Room
    Description: Weekly status meeting.

    A quick search reveals that a few other people have also seen this happening, but nobody seems to have any answers.
    Anybody have any idea where these come from? Does Google have a "War Room"? Is this some sort of testing data that's leaking through somehow?

  • More importantly, has this already been posted in any boards that are full of paranoid, conspiracy-theory-addict users?

    Because if it hasn't, then someone must do it and give us a link to the thread.

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