Looking at some Jobs in Electronics and Software Engineering

  • Job Description

    Salary £25-30k basic + OTE + + benefits

    Location: Hampshire

    This company is responsible for the design and manufacture of
    instrumentation and commercial electronics systems/products European
    Sales Manager

    In this role you will be responsible for the developenmt of sales
    throgtuh disisye int eh UK and Europe.the roel will reurie some tevek
    to tehs elcoaitons. You will also be repsos mfor the devleiolenj fgof a
    starteged for the groer of proedyd sdlwes into tehse regiosn. You will
    aolso be rewuiire to rpeoei Techilc support an dtarainf to bioth
    dierctri cusosmer as well as distribtuiirs.

    HND/HNC Electroncis background,

    Corporate Resourcing Solutions Ltd is acting as an Employment Agency with regard to this vacancy

  • What.  The.  Fuck?

  • Your typing is the real WTF!

  • I can fdoo tthehre j jjobb iif  oyu gggg9ivwe  m 3e the chaxnce 

  • TAKE THIS JOB. The management there obviously supports snorting large quantities of crack for, erm, inspiration!

  • I know typing up job listings is boring, but that's the first time I've ever seen someone actually fall asleep on the keyboard in the middle of one.

  • TRWTF is that they are looking for a european sales manager on 25-30k who owns an enigma keyboard

  • My printer messed up some text a bit like that the other day, a bit embarrassing for me as I didn't notice until I'd handed it round to a bunch of people.

    Maybe that's how that job advert got some messed up - printed / OCR'd (insert obligatory joke about printing, wooden tables, etc etc...)

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