We Sell Knickknacks on the Internet

  • I finally took a position. And guess what? They sell knickknacks on the internet.

    This is probably one of my poorer career decisions, but hey, I need the money. I've been at this place for several weeks, so I can make some justifiable comments about it.

    The first thing I have to say is this company needs to recognize what it is. It is a little larger than a mom & pop shop and it sells knickknacks on the internet. That's it. Plain and simple.

    However, they try to act like the big dogs. They have over-bloated, convoluted processes in place for just about everything. To get a web page published, it has to go through 7 different stages and have 2 managerial signatures. On top of that, we have to fill out time cards like in the movie Office Space. We have to detail exactly how many hours we spent working on this or that project. Which, by the way, is a joke. Because a "project" can be as simple as a web site tab. Since it's a separate "entity" they break it out into a project.

    Most of my day is spent managing the paperwork that goes into publishing a web page.

    I want to tell management that they sell wicker baskets and colored vases. I want to tell them that they sell porcelain clowns. I want to tell them that they're just a mom & pop storefront that's made the extra sale. I want to tell them that security IDs are not necessary for a 4100 square foot building. I want to tell them that the money they spent on the whole ID system should have been invested elsewhere. I want to tell them so much!


  • Wait I thought the last company that you'd never work for was the one that sold "knicknacks on the internet"?  The one with the security and the tattooed beast who confronted you and demanded to see your hall pass.. I mean security clearance to be waiting outside the restroom.

    Or is that same job (you do mention security IDs)?  Besides, if most of your day is doing boring, worthless busywork then just coast through it, and study up on your own time. 

  • CPound:

    1. Be thankful you can be employed by such a company. The economy is hurting right now and it surprises me that a website selling porcelain clowns is making any kind of profit.
    2. A 4100 square foot building with an ID system? Sounds more like a large suburban dwelling...it hardly seems worth it. I used to work with ID systems and I'm guessing your company chose the cheap route. Trust me, there is a cheap route. It would amaze me if their system really works the way they think it's working. But on the plus side, they probably didn't invest much $$$ in it.
    3. How is this company staying profitable in this economy?!?


  • What part of the country is this in?

    You'd be surprised what people will pay for that kind of stuff in the midwest. I guess it amounts to pop culture in some circles.

  • @Rotary Jihad said:

    You'd be surprised what people will pay for that kind of stuff in the midwest.

    You're not kidding! I did a search on "porcelain clowns" and all I can say is wow, I'm in the wrong business! 

  • This sounds like a throwback to the late 1990's

  • @bighusker said:

    This sounds like a throwback to the late 1990's

    Does anyone want to go into business with me and sell porcelain clowns on the internet?

    There's money in this!!! 

  • last time I checked there were some massive sites that sold knickknacks on the internet.

  • I work at print/design mom&pop shop.
    Lately we have been doing a lot of ecommerce sites for other mom&pop companies, (usually just Mom OR Pop).
    Since I also do maintainance for these people, I get to see how much they are selling.

    And damn, I truly am in the wrong business.

    not just clowns, chinese knock off design furniture, flower
    arrangements, wine and delicatesses, calendars, tshirts, sextoys,
    sports apparels, pet accesories, computer stuff (RAM, Pendrives),

    These are not corporations, and are not making
    billions.. but hell, they are making a whole lof of fucking money.
    (Sorry for my language CP).

    One of these shops, has sold more
    than 30k € in six weeks (that's more than what I make in a year),
    another one sells so much abroad, that they opened a franchise japan.
    Another one started as a side-income for a whacky dude, and less than a
    year later he has opened two physical stores, and is also wholesaling
    his knickknacks.

    So, I'm not saying CP doesn't have a point, but these "REAL" mom&pop can make good profit, and now I'm seriously looking into going into selling porcelain clowns, knickknacks or shit flavoured coffee beans.

  • Last month I made over $100,000!

  • i was talkin to my dad on the phone today. He sells knives and other accessories like that in a small town in southern oregon. When we lived in california together, he had a couple of shops in local malls, and someone conned him into an ecommerce site. It wasn't me... because i would have done it for free and had it look decent. He basically got burned by someone.

     So today, i was telling him he could generate extra revenue if he sold overstock on the internet. Not like an online retail site, just ebay overstock. I even explained the new paradigm of (shipping and handling = profit!) that somehow permeates ebay. he said something along the lines of "that's a real good idea"

     Just now, after reading this... i realized i have to STOP him from getting burned again... you know, buying books on ebay, getting conned into stuff that is sold on ebay about how to make money on ebay, all that crap. I hate being resourceful and a problem-solver sometimes.

  • You turned every good position offering down, so don't complain about the one you got now CPound.

  • I type knickknacks on google and i find a small wtf 🙂


    {title} ?? :)


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