BS speech

  • Ok -- this may sound weird, but i'm trying to find any useful information on spurious/ BS speaking. Information such as why people do it, why its effective, how its generally done. etc. I assume that because its a common tactic in arguments and such  ( grandstanding, equivocating, etc) that there must be some sort of resource out there...

  • If you don't have the skills for BSing maybe you shouldn't have taken that management possition.

    As for BSing make sure you learn as many catch-phrases and buzz words for the subject at hand, then forget what they actually mean a guess (horribly) what the mean. Then get 3-15 cronnies and teach them what the words mean. Then start talking to people who actually know what they're talking about and engage in a heated debate that lasts the entire shift. Once done you should hopefully know how to pull things out of your ass.

    If that doesn't work find a con artist or ex-con and get them to teach you.

    If that doesn't work move to Nigeria and get formal trainning on BSing from a 419 scammer.

  • A little book: [url=][i]On Bullshit[/i][/url]

    A bigger book: [url=][i]Why Business People Speak Like Idiots[/i][/url]

    Both of them are good.

  • djork: perfect. I have spent most of my morning scouring the internet and amazon for books like these.

    Lingerance: im not a amanager, more of a 'know thine enemy' type of situation. i do like the idea of being trained by some random nigerian though. might be a nice change of pace from my office.

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