• It would be nice for the forum software to have a link in the "topics" view (the place where you look at the titles of all the threads) that would take you to your latest reply.  Almost everytime I open a thread I go straight to my last reply, so it would save beaucoup de time.

    PS.  I know you didn't make the forum software, but perhaps you can request a feature or something.

  • If the topic is longer than one side, there is already a link to the last page of it. (Albeit that one really could be larger, admitted) Otherwise it's just a matter of pressing "page down" repeatedly.

    Maybe I did misunderstand you?

  • anytime I find myself repeatedly doing something (pressing page down) I think to myself,  "This software could be doing more."

  • Vanilla does this by default. Click a thread, and move to your latest post on the correct page.

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