Use of Session in ASP.NET

  • I read in some post about captcha implementation on this site that CS does not use Session for performance reasons. 

    I tend to rely on Session vars (not over-rely) for my web apps.  I do have a Session wrapper class, but what alternatives are there to managing state?

    I've got a developer who wants me to get rid of session vars in our app, but there are cross-page post backs and other places where I needed to keep track of things.

    I don't like cookies, and maintaining session doesn't seem to be the evil it was in ASP.  So what is CS using to persist data?

  • I've stopped using Sessions altogether, and have to say that the systems I've designed/built have worked much better as a result. Good bye "weird," "impossible" to repro bugs.

    State is maintained in a "non-generic" way as part of the datamodel. Because of this, there's no general technique. If something (an order, perhaps) isn't ready to be submitted, then it stays in "draft" status, for example.

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