Network cable WTF (not safe for 56K)

  • Take a good look at this image: Cables of Doom

    Note that there are three layers of very unstably balanced routers, hooking up all the computers where I work. There were actually two more routers stacked on top of that pile (the one down lower, and another off picture to the left). Some cables in that picture were not hooked up on one end, and some were not hooked up on either (just being held with other cables). It was all being held up by nothing but electrical tape attaching it to the thing on the bottom (which is screwed into the wall), and one day the whole thing fell over. It was quickly put back up with the duct tape in the photo, but there was no internet connection for the whole office today. So, tonight my dad and I (he is the owner, I'm just temp IT tech) went in on a mission to fix it. This is the "after" pic:

    Somewhat better

    All the routers are now held up with strips of Velcro, attached to the walls. Hopefully, if the heat melts through the adhesive the expensive, all-our-data-holding servers placed beneath those routers will keep most of the cables from popping out.

  • Looks like the comms room at a place I used to work.

    Of course, to really appreciate the rats nest, you had to take a look at the "oil refinery"* wiring in the ceiling.

    • It is rumored that when a pipe bursts in a refinery, the pipe is not
      removed, just taken out of service and a new pipe run. I don't know the
      accuracy of this, but its apt in this case. You see, if someone put a
      nail or staple, crimped the wire, or otherwise thought the wire were
      out of service, they'd just simply run a new wire. It wasn't a problem
      until the ceiling started to bow.

  • Considering what I know about refineries (Not much, but a relative has
    to maintenance in one every once in a while, and I hear his stories) I
    believe it.    Everything you do in a refinery must have
    paperwork done first.  

    Hear a motor that sounds like it needs oil?   Don't you dare
    take an oil can to it until after you have done an hours worth of
    paperwork first, and then another hours worth after the job is
    done.   Needless to say no maintenance gets done in a refinery
    unless it is scheduled by the manufacturer.

    Taking a burst pipe out would cost several hundred hours of
    paperwork.   Much cheaper to leave it in place. 

  • Even the clean one could really REALLY use some zip-ties. Otherwise it's practically guaranteed to become a wtf in another year or two.

  • All the routers are now held up with strips of Velcro

    Hail technology!

    My router comes with hangup-holes in it. I drove two screws into the
    wooden wall and hung it up. It will survive an earthquake, provided the
    wall survives it.

    My only concern is the cat.

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