Checking glyph list of a font

  • Hi,

    I'm looking for a nice lib to check what glyphs a ttf font has. Preferably a php lib, but i guess that's stretching it a bit.
    I'd hate to fully understand the ttf spec to check it myself.

  • nevermind, found a utility to extract the info i wanted. 

  • For each character:

    Construct string consisting of the graphical character in question and U+FFFD.

    Print out a Microsoft Word document consisting of this string in this font.

    Place the printout on a wooden table.

    Take a photograph of the printout with a digital camera.

    Use a genetic algorithm and/or neural net to compare how similar the two glyphs shown on the paper are.

    If they match, there is no glyph for that character in that font. 


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