I'm feeling pedantic

  • I recently installed Bugzilla 3. I noticed something a bit silly when I made changes to a bug. I was the assignee for this bug, and no-one was on the CC list(while i was in a pedantic mood):


    Changes submitted for bug 4

        Email sent to:
            no one



    I've been waiting for that email for a while.

  • Doesn't look like you'll be getting it anytime soon! 

    I once wrote a debugging class that sent error emails.  Worked fine in dev, but no emails in prod.  Took a while to remember that I tied the email function to the class's Enabled property, which of course was false in prod. 

  • The first time, I read the title as "I'm feeling pediatric". This brings strange images...

  • They already have silly messages like "Zarro boogs found". Next they probably should add "I'm not spamming this to anyone. Especially not you." 🙂

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