Uncomment this...

  • Found in the source to Intel's "crack the clues" completion page (http://cracktheclues.mrmpweb.co.uk/game/play.aspx) (open to UK residents only):

     //Uncomment this, and delete this comment before go-live ***
    //if(window.attachEvent) {
    //    window.attachEvent("onbeforeunload", onWindowClosed);
    //} else {
    //    if(window.addEventListener) {
    //        window.addEventListener("beforeunload", onWindowClosed, false);
    //    } else {
    //        window.onbeforeunload = onWindowClosed;
    //    }

    Seeing as the competition requires you to look at the source code on parts of Intel's site, this was bound to be discovered...

    (No idea how to format code on this forum...) 

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