Virgin America Overstocks Airplanes With Dinnerware

  • taken from the NY Times:


    My seat-mate happened to be an employee of Virgin America from Washington’s Dulles airport, who was flying to Virgin’s San Francisco headquarters for training. At first, her keyboard did not work—to her great displeasure, since she wanted to text message other colleagues on the flight.

    She asked the flight attendant to reset her terminal, but that actually made the problem worse. Every 10 seconds for the last four hours of the flight, a small graphical box popped up on her screen that unhelpfully said: “Fork failed: error 12. Can not allocate memory.”

    The header on the message declared, “Airplay Error” – which in my opinion is a little too close to “Airplane Error.”

    My seat-mate was disappointed. “I had high expectations. This was the excitement of the flight,” she told me as she tapped on the error message, every 10 seconds, to try to make it disappear.

    Our fight attendant, Jessica, said there were quite a few problems with the system in general, and that “Today was not a good day.”



    Somebody needs to keep their child processes in line. I find a nice leather belt does the trick.

  • The real WTF is Jessica, the fight attendant. ^^

  • Does anyone have a successful story for Airplay? My brother recently came back on a Virgin Atlantic flight and only had it working for 2hrs. The rest of the flight was spent staring at the boot screen, which crashed and reset itself.

  • Could be worse. "Airplay error: FILE_NOT_FOUND (engine.txt)"

  • a week ago i was on a flight where they use the system too. it was showing where we where flying and some other stuf (altitude, time of arrival etc) but is was rebooting al the time. so after a few screens is crashed and rebooted....

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