Obviously, Ad servers need some work...

  • You'd think with all the money flowing over/around/through ad servers, they'd have figured out some method of excluding particular ads or classes of ads from articles. Does the Marriott really want to become known as (apparently) the premiere hotbed of illicit Senatorial sex in New Orleans? 

    Maybe the next ad gaffe will promote running for U.S. Congress when talking about the cleanliness (or lack thereof) of Minneapolis airport bathrooms. 


    Original article here

  • Yeah, strange that a New-Orleans-based newspaper site displaying a story about a Louisiana senator would have ads about New Orleans.

  • Wow, someone actually used the verb "aver" outside of a crossword?  I'm impressed.


  • I like how they seem to think that a polygraph test is in any way meaningful. Man I hate the media sometimes.

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