Sometimes you should listen

  • This has nothing to do with technology, but....

    I had to take a 45 minute flight the other day. Sitting next to me is a (very) young mother, and her 2 year old son. Normally, I'd just grab the headphones and crank up the tunes, but this kid is sitting quietly, and looking kind of green. I ask the mother if he's ok. She looks at him, and decides "I know my kid, he can make it". 20 minutes into the flight, the flight attendant also notices the kid is quite green, and inquires if the mother needs anything for him. Again, "he can make it". 30 minutes into the flight, he starts moaning and making those "I'm about to hurl" motions. At this point, four experienced parents are telling her to take him to the bathroom. Again, "he can make it". We land and disembark. As we're walking up the ramp, he cries. She turns him around to look at him, and... *splat* - he projectile-pukes - right in her face.

    I feel for that poor kid...

  • Poetic justice at its best! 🙂

  • Well, technically, he did make it... 😛

    At least the poor little bugger was back on land. Let's hope they weren't trying to make a connecting flight! 

  • We need an animated GIF of the projectile vomit in her face with the caption of "PWNT"

  • @snoofle said:

    I feel for that poor kid...

    This single line made the entire story worth it! 

    And I agree, why make the kid suffer if you can do even a little something to console him.

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