Geek Squad advertizing on TheDailyWTF?!?

  • Um, surely those that read this site are the last to call on them!!

  • With their apparent level of incompetence (which I know personally) they should end up on the front page any time now.

  • Fancy taking a shower?   Oh, just ignore my phone if you see it

  • Sadly this is a growing trend. I worked with them for 2 years when they first rolled out to WorstBuy. It was an awesome job and people seriously knew what they were doing... for the most part. Then they let managers pick the hires without consulting the lead tech and took the candidates word on "I can hack t3h intarwebz" or "I playz t3h soltarz and win!!" and waaalaaa super timmy techs. Its truely a shame. I enjoyed my time there and did a great job but as time progressed the corporate pigz of WorstBuy got their greedy grubby hands on a great working model and ruined it all to hell.

     Thankfully I got me a great software engineering job and probally wouldn't have gotten it without the experience I had when that company actually was competent.

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