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  • Okay, here are some more.

    Story # 3 - Nah'mean?

    True story. This guy waltzes into the interview wearing an open shirt with a gold chain. I don't mean rapper gold chain, I mean Leisure Suit Larry style. He was exposing all sorts of grotesque hair on his chest. And he had the pimp swagger down too.

    He lounges in the interview chair and fields the various questions from
    the panel of interviewers. Most of his responses are along the lines of
    "Nah'mean?" (know-what-I-mean?) Finally, one of the interviewers gets
    the guts to ask the question we all want to know the answer to.

    "You realize that this was a formal interview? You can see we are all wearing suits and ties?"

    He just leans back in his chair and responds with "Man, this is what I'm used to. Nah'mean? I dress like this all the time!"

    I don't have to tell you that he never made it to the second interview.

    Story # 4 - The 'Whassup Dawg' Handshake

    This story isn't that exciting, it's just an illustration of what not to do during an interview.

    The candidate walks in, looking quite normal. He approaches the main
    interviewer and he extends his hand. The candidate then proceeds to do
    this "Whassup Dawg" handshake. You know, it's the one where you shake,
    then grab, then kind of grab again?

    However, the candidate didn't expect the interviewer's response of "Ok,
    Ok! Please, that's enough." He didn't say it in a mean way, just so
    that the candidate would stop. The candidate looked a little shaken by
    the interviewer's reaction, so he shook my hand normally.

    The interview ended up being okay, and there were no further incidents.
    But because of his weird "Whassup Dawg" handshake, he didn't make it
    any further in the process.

    I guess the bottom line of a lot of these stories is: Hello? This is a professional interview here people! What are you thinking?!?

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