• I figured we need a thread about the WTFness of the TDWTF forums so we
    can go like "yawn Use the search function!" everytime somebody
    mentions some bone-headed aspect about the >>telligentSystems
    masterpiece. So here it is.

    Allow me to pull a random WTF from this page I'm typing in.

    <!-- ************************************************ -->
    <!-- * FreeTextBox v3 (3.0.5000.25537) * -->
    <!-- * * -->
    <!-- * ASP.NET HTML editor for PC/IE & Mozilla * -->
    <!-- * License Type: NoLicense (To: Unlicensed) * -->
    <!-- ************************************************ -->

    So the License for this FreeTextBox is actually of type NoLicense, which was
    (Not)Licensed to Unlicensed? Dude, WTF?

  • WTF? Allow me to post the rest of my post, which should have gone in the empty space I'm seeing at the end of my post.

    Out of curiosity I went to the URL mentioned in the comment. Turns out
    FreeTextBox Pro costs $ 49 (free as in beer), FreeTextBox source
    code/distribution costs $ 149 (free as in speech).

    (I'm secretly hoping I get to see all the HTML when this is posted. Alas, no preview button.)

    (The thing ate nearly half of my post. That's nearly as good.)

  • Free for only $49!


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