Google Code Search goodness

  • I'm in love with Google Code Search... it's a bottomless pit of entertainment.

    These are just a few of the gems:


    Acme::MetaSyntactic::batman - The batman theme

    And the ever classic "What the fuck?"

    t.i = 0x5f3759df - ( t.i >> 1 ); // what the fuck?


    if (!cur->lineptr)



    <pattern>I AM DRUNK</pattern>
    And probably the world's best comment:
    /// When I was in kindergarten, I had lots of fun.  We had a miniature kitchen
    /// with lots of fake fruit and vegetables. I would play at the stove cooking
    /// things or play with lincoln logs, which we also had. Also, every week, we
    /// would get free soft pretzels. This one time, I put mustard on mine--just
    /// to see what it would taste like. When I took a bite of the pretzel, I hated
    /// it so much that I had to throw the pretzel out. I've hated mustard ever
    /// since. Another time, my hand got stuck between the doors to the school and
    /// it was torn up a bit. I think that caused me to be more cautious than normal
    /// during my young life. -- jal

    It's brillant!

    /* Brillant...., retrieve it right back..../
    status = SDgetrange(newsds, (VOIDP) &imax, (VOIDP) &imin);
     / we can't do this because SDL blows goats */


    That's only a small, small fraction of the WTF goodness out there.  Find some more!

  • Eh...whoops 😞

  • While google code search has been posted here a few times, most of the ones you've posted here haven't made the rounds yet.


    The long one about mustard pretzels was definitely worth the read. 

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