3D Mailbox

  • http://www.3dmailbox.com/trailer/index.html (audio and virtual bikinis)

    Just $29.99 and you can get 3D mailbox for life!

  • Just saw that on digg.  How lame.

    Having worked in the voicemail business, I was kind of thinking that could be an interesting application... Do some kind of voice analysis to determine what the sender should look like...have them walk up and just start talking.

  • You've just got to love the shadow under the board somewhere at the end of demo... 😃 (jumping into pool scene)

  • That looks great! And by "great," I of course mean "a lot like the Sims."

  • This seems so much like a joke, with that fat guy with no shirt on and stuff. But I get the nagging, horrible feeling that it's real. Run!

  • o.o



    I never ASKED every minute of my life to be an exciting adventure...


  • @rbowes said:

    This seems so much like a joke, with that fat guy with no shirt on and stuff. But I get the nagging, horrible feeling that it's real. Run!

     That's what makes it worth while, this crap IS real.

  • I'd have to wonder though, how will it cope with lots of mail.
    i've got over 5000 e-mails stored, mostly because of mailing-lists and the likes.

    I wonder how my pool would look 🙂

  • @Diamonds said:

    you can get 3D mailbox for life!

    I know!!! It's for support guys!!! Just think of it - what happens when there's a new message:

    There's a new girl in your pool. She asks:

    help!!11! how do i rite in bold in microsoft

     And you can throw her near the sharks - isn't that awsome? 😃

  • This has to be the dumbest idea I've seen in computing since Microsoft Bob. Heck it outscores even that!

    I wonder if the founder or anyone actually ever uses this app. I'm guessing it needs a looong time to load and who would've thought you need a good graphics card with a lot of video memory just to check your email. 

    I think the only audience for this stuff is the 11-15 teenage gamer community.
    "Whooaaaa dude, check out the tits on this email I got!"
    "Yeah! Awesome dude! hoa , hoa!"
    "Send me another one! And put a bigger attachment in it this time!"

    I wonder how it feels to work for this company. What do you tell people about your work without making them laugh? 

  • That is the kind scare I have of the future.

    What if you have a Masters in CompScience with 3D math and stuff.

    And then "they" will stuck on you worthless projects like this. On stupid web games nobody wants to play, or lame arcade games. Or really useless stuff like "3D Mailbox".



  • Bringing up old threads to life is my hobby...  Anyway, did anyone check the About page? No? Let me quote something for you:

    "When not coordinating the 40 people behind 3D Mailbox, he enjoys relaxing on one of his private islands"

    The lone man's wet dreams or stupid ideas actually work?

  • And in the end of the "video", we jump and hit the head on bottom of the pool? That's all I needed.

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