Just discovered this site

  • I just happened upon this website and let me say I read a few blog entries and this is probably the best website I've ever been to. I've been writing code for 10 years and I can appreciate the 'worse than failure' code that gets posted on here. It's hilarious!

    I'm currently going through the archives to catch up. It's going to be a while before I do.

    Thanks to all who are involved, and I'll be sure to share lousy code if I can find any at work...


  • Welcome to http://www.worsethanfailure.com, formerly http://www.thedailywtf.com.   If you browse the forums and discussions, you'll quickly discover several memes.  Just remember, nobody wants to hear "The real WTF is...", "First!", or "The real WTF is the forum software.".  Remember those, and you'll be well on your way to be a beloved member of the Worse Than Failure community.  Also, although I realize I sound like a site admin, I'm just one of the many fans and forum users.

  • welcome.  I just joined awhile back too. I agree with sinistral.  There are some comments that we can do without. We can have discussions without saying "The real WTF is....."  Sometimes there are multiple WTFs and sometimes a WTF is strictly a matter of opinion. I like the site and sharing experiences in our field is a good way to vent and give back to the community so we can learn from each other.

  • sinistral:
     nobody wants to hear "The real WTF is...", "First!", or "The real WTF is the forum software."
    ...but everyone wants to say them.

  • @pitchingchris said:

    We can have discussions without saying "The real WTF is....." 

    We can also have chips without ketchup, TV without anything worth watching, and girls without skirts - but no matter how much you personally may want any of these things, that does not necessarily make them a good idea or an improvement. 

  • the real WTF is that people think that "the real WTF is.." jokes aren't funny.

  • There are indeed some tired memes and catchphrases on this site, but there are some that you can never go wrong with, like for instance questioning the intelligence and competency of anyone choosing to use visual basic to do anything (because nobody like them)

    Also, complaining about the fucked up forum software on a regular basis is a must (I couldn't log in with konqueror for instance, what kind of retarded non-portable javascript fucktardery are they doing process a click on the login button and why?)

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