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  • 😃 probably a bad and inappropriate place to ask this question.

     But i have a Primary and Standby Oralce box, the primary copies the redo logs across to the standby using dataguard. One has gone missing that represents about 15 minutes of transactions at a very quiet period on the database. I was wondering if there is anyway of working around this. I have accepted that the file is gone forever, but i wondered if oracle could regenrate it some way...

     If this is completly the wrong place don't even bother flaming me and bumping it to the top just let it slip off to the bottom of the page and eventually into forum obscurity..



  • If a redo log contains 15 very quiet minutes of your database, I wonder how many redo log switches your database does when it is busy.

  • If you lose an Oracle archive redo log then the first thing to do is a FULL BACK UP YOUR DATABASE.  Use rman to do this if you dont want to shut the database down.

    With a lost archive log file, you wont be able to recover your database from any backup taken before that log sequence was created.

    You should look at rman to manage your Oracle db backups.  It will remember all the backups, look after your archive logs and allow you to create standby / clone servers in a zip.     

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