Pixmania gets the money and keep the stuff?

  • Hello,

     Some of you probably know this web site: http://www.pixmania.com, an online technology stuff seller. I already mentionned their Happy Serialization in a previous post.

    I had, a few months ago, problem with GF laptop bought there. We asked to pay by wired transfert. We followed procedure, the procedure gave us a bank account + reference number. A third party company is taking the money for them and does the automated update of transaction for them. We paid to bank account with correct number the same day. Next day, i wanted to know if it was already done... Crap, there is no current buy in progress? No number, nothing? Let's go to contact form.... Ho, i must select the command number, there is none for the command i ask. I take another and explain problem. Because i take another number (i writed down why in details) i get first a 'it was shipped 6 months ago' answer, then i get a 'you don't have a current command', then i decide to call, after 10 minutes with music (paying the music)
    i get a clerk that says "there is no command, maybe you did not get to the end of procedure",
    i say "i had screen with payement instructions i followed"
    -Sorry, no command
    -Refund then
    -You didn't pay
    -i made a wired transfert, money went to you
    -Fax us proof of payment, explain what the problem is and give your bank account number for refund

    I fax them, send a mail for confirmation of refund ask. Next day i receive a mail saying they will refund as fast as possible. Next day i receive a mail saying my order is shipped. Would have been fun if they shipped and refunded, but they seem to never refund.


    Today is just another day with lots of crap at their customer service. One family member ordered a few stuffs there, for the first time in their life. For easyness, the delivery will be at her job office. She paid with credit card, received an 'everything is ok' email, and waited. Every day, status was "in progress" (the status before "packaging").

    Since it was supposed to be a 2 days delivery, after 1 week, contact was made with online form (the one of Happy serialization). Return mails said 'we will contact you within 24h'.
    By that time, the credit card is billed.
    Two days later, a phone call is made at a high price rate belgian phone number, around 17h00 to know wtf is happenning. An answering machine said they are closed for the day, opening hours being between 10h00 and 18h00... (perhaps they are not aware of day light saving in western europe?)
    Next day, a call is made midday to same phone number. The clerk answer they sent an email asking to provide a copy of credit card and proof of living at delivery address (they think we live at our job location??). email we never got.

    Question is, assuming they do this last one as a security measure (i doubt they have security measures), to not bill stolen credit cards... Why the hell do they bill the card before asking additional proofs? Pixmania seems to be making money from overcharged customer service phone number than on selling itself.


    I will update this post on information as soon as i get news from the order 🙂

  • Well, if this really turns out bad, I'd use the Happy Serialization to get the money XOR the goods.

  • You act like it is acceptable for companies to use charge numbers for suport

  • The real WTF is: Why did you order a 2nd time after your 1st contact with them a few month ago?

     And a company with a 0-900 (translated for clarity) support will usually be not worth my trouble... I find a "local dealer" usually far more acceptable, since I can walk over to him..

  • I did not, it's a family member that did the order this time. I warned them that they support was very bad, they ordered anyway. But because it's online purchase and am the IT guy in family, it comes back to me when there are troubles. People tend to, unfortunately, just look at the price. Personnaly, i just get the price of that store, then go to a local seller and ask them to make me same price 🙂

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