Watching Memory Addresses

  • I am getting an ACCESS_VIOLATION while debugging in a High-Level language.

    Do you guys know a good tool to look at different erm, memory addresses and stuff. Low level, that is.

    Sorry that I'm a bit vague, I haven't done much low-level work (how the hell do pointers work???).

    But maybe you guys know something that will help me out here. I have been looking at Spy++ and using google to look for "Monitoring Memory Addresses". But it did not get me very far.


  • Sounds like you access an not initalized pointer or an object that has been deleted already (while windows does not always throws an exeption on this...)


    Little extra information would help, what language and stuff. 

  • I am using Visual DataFlex.

    The error occurs when I try to debug the application, otherwise everything runs fine. When I try to debug the opening of Tables, it start to throw ACCESS_VIOLATION's. DataFlex has its own DataBase system, so i can't go farther than Open [Table] Statement (there it goes wrong).

  • It seems you rather see a bug of the debugger than a bug of your application. I doubt that using tools to analyze the error will help you much in any way.

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