Ah... maintenance of old code

  • Sorry for the long post, but I really want to share this. This is an old ASP page I just got my hands on.

    Stuff between [** .. **] is mine (should be obvious). I erased some of the indentation because I just couldn't keep it there.

    'Procedures'  is what you call use cases in this framework.


    <font color="#990000">[** SNIP: standard html opening tag and head section with style and scripts ]</font>

        <body> <font color="#990000">[
    1 single tab before the tag ]</font>
        <font color="#990000">[
    And suddenly 9 tabs of indentation. Don't ask why, I don't know! ]</font>

        on error resume next
        Set MySort = server.CreateObject("w4com.TWFsort")
        Set fields1 = server.CreateObject ("w4com.TWFname")
        Set fields2 = server.CreateObject ("w4com.TWFname")
        Set fields3 = server.CreateObject ("w4com.TWFname")
        Set fields4 = server.CreateObject ("w4com.TWFname")
        Set criterion = Server.CreateObject("w4com.TWFcriterion")
        Set operator = Server.CreateObject("w4com.TWFoperator")
        Set sortMode = Server.CreateObject("w4com.TWFsortMode")
        Set sortBy = Server.CreateObject("w4com.TWFsortBy")
        Set mystate = Server.CreateObject("w4com.TWFstate")
        Set Tselection = server.CreateObject ("w4com.TWFTselection")
        Set var1 = server.CreateObject ("w4com.TWFname")
        Set var2 = server.CreateObject ("w4com.TWFname")

        <font color="#990000">[
    None of the variables declared before are used, except
        at the very end of the file, where they're set to Nothing ]

        <font color="#999999">'<font color="#000066"> Verify wich process the user can start ================================================</font></font>
        Dim arrStartProcess
        Dim procSort, procSortMode, TSelectValues, procCriteria, procOperator, TProc

        Set fieldsX = Server.CreateObject ("w4com.TWFname")     <font color="#990000">[
    Not used anywhere ]</font>

        set procSortMode = server.CreateObject("w4com.TWFsortMode")
        set TSelectValues = server.CreateObject ("w4com.TWFTselection")
        set procCriteria = Server.CreateObject("w4com.TWFcriterion")
        set procOperator =  Server.CreateObject("w4com.TWFoperator")
        set TProc = Server.CreateObject("w4com.TWFTprocedure")
        set Proc = Server.CreateObject("w4com.TWFProcedure")
        arrStartProcess = <font color="#996600">""     <font color="#990000">[
    This is going to be the list of procedures the user can initiate ]</font></font><font color="#990000"></font>

        <font color="#990000">[
    This part here is actually done right ]</font>
        set TSelectValues = server.CreateObject ("w4com.TWFTselection")
        call TSelectValues.AddStringSelection(procCriteria.CRIT_NAME, procOperator.EQUAL, "Texp_
        call TSelectValues.AddIntegerSelection (procCriteria.CRIT_STATE, procOperator.EQUAL, 1)
        Set TProc = mysession.WFSearchProcedure(WF_BY_CREATION_DATE,procSortMode.ASCENDING ,TSelectValues,0)

        <font color="#990000">[
    * OK, so now we create a sort of XML containing the procedure names ]</font>
        arrParticipants = <font color="#9966cc">"<RESUME>"</font>

            <font color="#990000">[
    Add a level of indentation here, because we can]</font>
            For Each Proc in TProc
                    if HasRole(mActor, Proc.RoleInitiator.Str) = 0 Then
                        arrStartProcess = arrStartProcess & Proc.Name & <font color="#996600">"||"</font> & getPortalDictionary("name." & Proc.Name)  & <font color="#996600">"##"</font>
                    End if

                    if HasRole(mActor, getPortalDictionary("role." & Proc.Name)) = 0 Then
                                arrParticipants = arrParticipants & <font color="#9966ff">"<PROCEDURE>"</font>
                                arrParticipants = arrParticipants & <font color="#9966ff">"<STR>"</font> & Proc.Name & <font color="#9966ff">"</STR>"</font>
                                arrParticipants = arrParticipants & <font color="#9966ff">"<STATE></STATE>"</font>
                                arrParticipants = arrParticipants & <font color="#9966ff">"</PROCEDURE>"</font>
                    end if

        arrParticipants = arrParticipants & <font color="#9966ff">"</RESUME>"</font>
        if len(arrStartProcess) > 3 then
            arrStartProcess = Mid(arrStartProcess, 1,(len(arrStartProcess)-2))
        end if
        set procSortMode = nothing
        set TSelectValues = nothing
        set procCriteria = nothing
        set procOperator =  nothing
        set TProc = nothing
        set Proc = nothing
        Set mActor = nothing

        <font color="#990000">[** SNIP: Three nested tables with inline style attributes, for layout ]</font>

            <font color="#990000">[
    13 tabs of indentation in the original ! ]</font>
            <font color="#000066">' Procedures List ===============================================================</font>
            dim oDom, oNodes, oNode
            set oDom = Server.CreateObject("Msxml2.DOMDocument.3.0")
            oDom.setProperty "SelectionLanguage","XPath"
            Dim sXML
                sXML = "<RESUME>"
            for each fullTask in TfullTask    <font color="#990000">[
    TfullTask is not declared anywhere ]</font>
                if (fullTask.Task.Priority <>10) then
                        sXML = sXML & "<PROCEDURE>"
                        sXML = sXML & "<STR>" & fullTask.Workcase.Procedure.Str & "</STR>"
                        sXML = sXML & "<STATE>" & fullTask.Task.State & "</STATE>"
                        sXML = sXML & "</PROCEDURE>"
                end if
            sXML = sXML & "</RESUME>"         <font color="#990000">[
    And never again do we hear about sXML... ]</font>
            oDom.loadXML arrParticipants
            set oNodes = oDom.selectNodes("//PROCEDURE/STR[not(.=preceding::PROCEDURE/STR)]")
            dim iWait, iExecute, iAvaliable   <font color="#990000">[
    Not used anywhere ]</font>
            for each oNode in oNodes
                if len(oNode.text) > 0 then
                    appDir = "-----/workItems.asp?" & mysession.Context.WriteCtx & "&inv1=CheckLogin&Prioridade=100"
                    appName = getPortalDictionary("name." & oNode.text)
                    if len(appName)=0 then
                        appName = oNode.text
                    end if
                        <font color="#000066">'if(lCase(Left(oNode.text,5)) <> "timp_") then</font>
                            <td><a href="
    <%=appDir%>" name="<%=oNode.text%>"><%=appName%></a></td>

                        <font color="#000066">'end if</font>
                end if
            <font color="#990000">[
    So we just parsed the XML we created above to generate an HTML table!  ]</font>       
            <font color="#000066">'==========================================================================</font>
        <font color="#990000">[
    Close two table, down to 7 tabs ]</font>
        <button onclick="startProcess()" ID="btnStartProc">Iniciar</button>
        <font color="#990000">[
    Close the last table, down to 4 tabs ]</font>
        <form name="frmStartProc" id="frmStartProc" method="post" target="_top" >
            <input type="hidden" name="pb" ID="pb">
        <script language="javascript">

        <font color="#006666">var oNodes = ("</font><%=arrStartProcess%><font color="#006666">").split("##");
        function startProcess(){
                var Process2Start ="";
                newProcOpt = showStartPanel();
                if (newProcOpt == 0){
                    return false;
                    Process2Start = (newProcOpt).toString().toLowerCase();
                switch (Process2Start){     <font color="#990000">[
    Now, interesting things happen. Look! ]</font>
                    Dim myArr, myArr2
                    myArr = Split(arrStartProcess, "##")
                    For i=0 to UBound(myArr)
                        myArr2 = Split(myArr(i), "||")
                        appDir = getPortalDictionary("app." & myArr2(0) & ".dir")
                        Response.Write("<font style="font-style: italic;" color="#009966">case ""</font>" & LCase(myArr2(0)) & ""<font style="font-style: italic;" color="#009966">":</font>" & vbCr)
                        Response.Write(vbTab & vbTab & vbTab & vbTab & vbTab & "<font style="font-style: italic;" color="#009966">document.getElementById(""frmStartProc"").action =""</font>")
                        Response.Write("<font style="font-style: italic;" color="#009966">-----/router.asp?activity=@inv1.activitySubProcedure&inv1=Init&inv1.Command=NewCaseWithInitiator&</font>")
                        Response.Write("<font style="font-style: italic;" color="#009966">inv1.prefixCaseName=</font>" & myArr2(0))
                        Response.Write("<font style="font-style: italic;" color="#009966">&inv1.initiator.id=</font>" & mysession.Context.ActorId)
                        Response.Write("<font style="font-style: italic;" color="#009966">&inv1.makesUniqueName=WF_TRUE</font>")
                        Response.Write("<font style="font-style: italic;" color="#009966">&inv1.procedure=</font>" & myArr2(0))
                        Response.Write("<font style="font-style: italic;" color="#009966">&inv2=processTask&inv2.taskName.id=@inv1.name.id&</font>" & mysession.Context.WriteCtx)
                        Response.Write("<font style="font-style: italic;" color="#009966">"";</font>")
                        <font color="#006666">document.getElementById("frmStartProc").submit();</font>
                        Response.Write(vbCr & vbTab & vbTab & vbTab & vbTab & vbTab &  "<font color="#009999">break</font>" & vbCr & vbCr)
                <font color="#006666">}
                alert("startProcess ERROR: " + e.description);

        function showStartPanel(){
            return window.showModalDialog("-----/showStartProcess.html", oNodes, "dialogWidth:400px;dialogHeight:300px;scroll:no;status:no;");
        <script  language="javascript">
    <font color="#006666"> document.title += " </font><%=Session("usr")%><font color="#006666"> "; </font></script>

        <font color="#990000">[
    SNIP: close body and html ]</font>

    <font color="#990000"></font>
        <font color="#990000">[
    1 tab of indentation **]</font>
        Set mysession = Nothing
        Set Tsort = Nothing
        Set Tfields = Nothing
        Set TcaseVariables = Nothing
        Set TtaskVariables = Nothing
        Set MyWhere = Nothing
        Set MySort = Nothing
        Set fields1 = Nothing
        Set fields2 = Nothing
        Set fields3 = Nothing
        Set fields4 = Nothing
        Set criterion = Nothing
        Set operator = Nothing
        Set sortMode = Nothing
        Set sortBy = Nothing
        Set mystate = Nothing
        Set Tselection = Nothing
        Set var1 = Nothing
        Set var2 = Nothing

    So, what's the deal with startProcess() ?

    Well, it's a client-side javascript function that runs when you press the "Start new procedure" button on the page. It calls a "modal" browser window that is generated based on the arrStartProcess array. The "return value" of this window is then used on a switch statement that was generated server-side (with indentation!) through vbscript.
    In the switch statement we set the value of the 'action' attribute of the 'frmStartProc' form and submit it.

    Simple, isn't it? 

  • To keep indentation in this forum software, you need a wooden table approach:


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  • What I meant was I couldn't waste precious forum horizontal space.

     Think of the wasted bandwidth!  😉 

  • I uses teh Microsoft Words!!!


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