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  • I'm not really familiar with how to write an rpm spec, and I've just been using an old one as the basis of the one I'm currently working on since it's not a very complicated spec - just installing a couple jars and a couple scripts.  Which has worked fine.  But now I want to include a bunch of a mibs with the install in their own directory.  I have no problem with the %install section of the spec, as that's a straight foreward statement with a wildcard.   But my problem is the %files section.  Currently all the individual files that are actually being installed onto the computer are listed individually. so that it looks something like this:


     Which is fine when I only have a couple files.  But if I have a couple dozen mibs, and I'm not keen on listing them seperately.  How can I get the entire contents of a folder to install, rathter than listing the files seperately?

  • From here:

    For packages that create directories containing hundreds of files, it
    can be quite cumbersome creating a list that contains every file. To
    make this situation a bit easier, if the %files list
    contains a path to a directory, RPM will automatically package every
    file in that directory, as well as every file in each subdirectory.
    Shell-style globbing can also be used in the %files


  • nevermind, I think I got it.  My google skills are lacking today.  

  • heh.  I actually had it correct, but had mistyped something in the install section.  Which also explains why globbing didn't work when I first tried it.

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