DIY Network - Building a Sawhorse

  • I saw this website when looking for sawhorses and couldn't help but laugh.,2049,DIY_14442_2270137,00.html

    I'll make a quick laundry-list of what I see. Maybe you all can add more.


    • The first image shows the built sawhorse and a manufactured one. The article states that the built one is "superior to most manufactured ones or those made from kits". So, why do they have a manufactured one even visible?
    • The "project plan" pdf doesn't have any measurements for the individual pieces of the sawhorse, only the overall measurements. How is this useful?
    • The materials list includes "scrap pieces, etc.". If someone doesn't even have a sawhorse, then how likely is it that they have scrap? How do I know if I have everything I need before I start?
    • The "ALSO IN THIS EPISODE" has only the current article, which is underlined as if it were a hyperlink but it isn't one.
    • If you look a the "Print Version" you'll see that the pictures are clickable and reveal larger images (just like the "web" article). Since it's for print why not have the larger images included? Why even allow clickable images? And why have any hyperlinks in there?


  • Your first point might not be that bad.

    Consider you want to display something for comparison, "hey this is better than store bought ones, and look at this cheap store bought right here as proof."  Of course it could be that they needed the first sawhorse to cut the wood on to make the second sawhorse.

  • Oh the lumbar you may have lying around deal is easily answered.

    Softwoods: "It's found in the frameworks of houses, in floors and in furniture."

    "...hardwoods are often reserved for fine flooring, cabinetry and furniture."

    "Most antiques in the Chippendale style are made from mahogany"

    See, they tell you exactly where to get your "scraps" 

  • So the recommendation is to tear up the frame of the house and rip apart some fine furniture? And destroy an antique for it's mahogany? Wow, that's interesting.

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