Is it a database WTF?

  • We had lesson of IT today(high school) and they explained us databases. We were about to do a simple pupils and marks list in Acces. We were creating a "marks" table where all marks were saved. He mentioned we could create like another table for January, another for February etc... He probably meant that tables would be reused, because school year repeats. As I am not very good in databases, could approach as this be used, or is it a WTF? (as i thing).

  • definitely a WTF

  • Meh, there is an Data Structure called DateTime or Date or whatever.

    Usually there is an function called MONTH([datetime value]) for whatever DB you use.

    Normalisation people, normalisation...

    I did the same crap 3 years ago, but my teacher managed to push me in the right direction.

  • Ok, It is not so serious, as it is not a school aimed at computers, I just wanted to check before laughting at him. Btw he used also the date collumn.

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