NYT: Just click on the sentence!

  • I noticed this on a New York Times story (here). I haven't figured out how to double-click on a phrase yet, but I've tried triple-clicking, and highlighting then double-clicking. No go !

    Not the mention that this feature is painfully annoying, since whenever I try to copy a name or place by double-clicking it, I have to close the window that pops up... 

  • Add this to Adblock's blacklist:



    I'd do a Greasemonkey script but i can't be bothered. And if you don't use a Mozilla based browser, well then, I hate you. 

  • Good point, I should have done that. But I don't really read NYT enough for it to matter, just once because I had to do some research on those Elbonian (fine, Estonian) attacks.

  • When I double-clicked on "attacker" (as a test) I got the following advertisement:

    Looking for Attacker?
    Find exactly what you want today.

    If the crime rate in your area is too low, I guess here is the solution.

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