No wooden tables involved.

  • How to get client approval of an email newsletter:

    1. Create final HTML version of email.
    2. Take screenshot of final HTML version.
    3. Photoshop screenshot into fake email client.
    4. Turn Photoshop document into PDF.
    5. Make changes to content. Go back to Step 1.
    6. Email PDF of fake email to client.
    7. Client prints PDF, and manually scribbles edits.
    8. Client scans printed pages.
    9. Client turns scanned pages into PDF.
    10. Go back to Step 1.

  • You mean they wanted to "see" how it would look when it shows up in their inbox?  And you couldn't just email it to them directly because...?


  • Sorry, this particular client only accepts work in PDF format due to SOP regulations and the fact that they prefer to view emails and websites on paper.

    Most websites use CSS for print media to reduce the amount of unnecessary elements on paper. Sadly, we use it to make PDFs look like websites.

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