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  • Well, as I'm guessing we all know myspace coding is rather.... lacking... but this one rather surprised me...


    I'm just browsing along myspace, and see someone wants me to add them as a friend, so I delve down to find out if I actually know this person or not... Here's what the page looked like for me.


    So, I click on View all of My Friends, trying to find out how this person knows me, because I don't think I recognize them from the picture... but who knows... so I click and get the normal myspace error, "an unexpected error has occurred." so, I go back and notice something interesting, on the link to view all friends.... see below?

    Large myspace page 

    Yes folks, that is indeed, a link to an error page, so not only is myspace crashing on us all the time, but the errors are also predetermined.... wonderful.... 

  • That's called "optimization."

  • Maybe the exception handling is so good it catches the error long before it's even thrown? Probably hardcoded though. Wouldn't be surprised. I also wouldn't be surprised if it was just some undocumented thing asp:Link (or whatever) does when it hits an error. Or they have a custom link class that just links to error if something blows up.

  • That's very strange :o
    Reminds me of the error I encountered two days ago:
    This was definitely a server problem... I checked the source code of this page, and the raw ColdFusion code was being output.

    Of course, "The real WTF" is the CSS you need to use to style a MySpace profile... Have you seen that stuff?
    Their site also has heaps of problems as well (the forum is incredibly basic, it doesn't have Edit/Delete functionality, or even a search), and their blogging system looks like a direct rip of another site (whose name I can't remember at the moment)

  • The real WTF is that you're using myspace.

  • MySpace really should just be called WTFSpace, almost every time I use it (occationally) I get errors with no explanation. One part that really annoyed me was when I accidentally typed in my old password, and rather than just say "Invalid email or password" or something, it said "You must be logged in to do that." Or rather, "You Must Be Logged-In to do That! <font size="2">MySpace is FREE, But You Must Be a Member to Use That Feature</font>."

    If wasn't already registered (by domain squatters), I'd buy it, and re-write the whole MySpace system in php or something, just to prove its less WTF than MySpace already is. Then again, no I wouldn't, I'm lazy.

  • Myspace is a huge online WTF.


    My current favorite is when I click to login and it replies with "You must be logged in to do that" and presents me with a different login page.

    Then there's the mentality of all the tards on there, that more friends makes you a better person, and that it's the only way you can email someone! 

    Oh, and no spam controls...




    So why did I sign up if it sucks, you ask? I met a hot chick at a concert and she and her hotter friend had pages.

    I signed up that night.


    So sue me 🙂






  • @unklegwar said:

    So why did I sign up if it sucks, you ask? I met a hot chick at a concert and she and her hotter friend had pages.

    I signed up that night.

    So sue me 🙂

    If it's about a cutie, you lose no credibility.  We're just curious how things turned out.  (And if not great, expect unattached WTF'ers to beg for more info!)


  • That photo is a fake. You clearly photoshopped that red line in there.

  • Another fun error today:
    They've got a strange mix of coding on the site - The main site is in ColdFusion, but some of the ColdFusion pages have ASP.NET equivalents that are used elsewhere on the site (eg. there's a ColdFusion "view friends" page, as well as a ASP.NET one).

    You clearly photoshopped that red line in there.

    You mean: The image was enhanced using Adobe® Photoshop® software (yeah, yeah, I know, this is old now :P)

  • Actually, now that I look at it, that looks like a fake profile. Normal profiles have "<user's name> has xx friends." and "View All of <user's name> 's Friends", but this one says "I have 30 friends" and "View all of My Friends". Also, the "Add Comments" link is in the wrong place (it should be under a <user's name>'s Friends Comments heading).

    Is it possible that the proper links were hidden via CSS, and fake links was inserted?

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