Recommendation for Web Application QA/Testing Software

  • Some QA people that I work with are looking for new web application testing software. They've been using Selenium IDE, which doesn't work on the recent versions of Firefox.

    I believe the list of finalists is:

    • Katalon
    • TestingWhiz
    • Selenium WebDriver
    • HP UFT

    Has anyone had any experience with any of these? Are any of them particularly good or bad?

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    @dragnslcr said in Recommendation for Web Application QA/Testing Software:

    Has anyone had any experience with any of these?

    None of them seem to have attractive names, though I don't judge...

  • Very much depends on what you want to actually test. I strive to minimize "System Testing via Manipulation and Observation of the Browser" to the maximum degree possible.

    For the parts where it is necessary I tend to use Selenium WebDriver as the engine in conjunction with a robust object model of the system under test, a browser specific framework, and then the actual tests.

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    Selenium Web Driver is OK. Can't compare it to the others as I've never even heard of them, but if you're used to Selenium IDE it should be quite familiar.

    Once you've added a few extension methods and helpers to what Selenium gives you, it's pretty usable but there are some annoying bugs and differences in the way it handles different browsers

  • I am currently having one of my interns examining this problem space in his spare time. The last thing he showed me was some chrome extension that records a series of actions in browser, he then plugs this recording into his home-made converter, and it spits out js test case, to be used with some node-js based test runner.

    I'll touch base with him on Monday and get more details. Keeping an eye on this thread.

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