It is as if a million palms struck a million foreheads and were suddenly silenced

    Gay World - Even Hatred Tried Harder Than This (Direct To Video) – 11:34
    — Jim Sterling

    Seriously. This is just fucking pathetic. If you're going to piss in someone's Cheerios, at least have a little bit of dignity about it. The creator of this game makes the Illinois Nazis from The Blues Brothers look like a competent threat.

    This wins the Byron Hall Award for Lamest Attempt at Being Shocking for 2018. And it's still only January.

  • All around me are familiar faces...

  • The only thing I'm offended by is how it completely fails to be funny, as in either humorous or fun to play. Go ahead and be offensive or something, but make it fun.

    It's boring, that's the thing.

    Pretty much.

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