[Mobile] Header disappears after closing chat

  • Initial state:


    Open a chat, then close it by clicking on (what I presume should be) the icon bottom right...

    (The spinner may be part of the problem here)



    Closing using the X doesn't generate this behavior.

    Note that the spinner covers the whole send button rendering it useless.

    And that spinner is still there while typing this...

    It's near invisible, but it's over the I and N in 'typing' here...


  • Impossible Mission Players - A

    Huh, and you can resurrect the header by opening a chat and closing it with the X at the top right.

    WTF is going on with our header styling???

  • Impossible Mission Players - A

    Apparently this is because chat.js is calling app.toggleNavbar(), but only when opening and closing (not when hidden by the tasks button).

    Technically it can be "fixed" by fixing the missing callback I think (however that's done).

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