VB .NET and .NET framework books

  • I'm in a plight. I have just placed first in Visual Basic Programming in FBLA State comp for Kentucky. I won (I believe) because of my program. I know OOP, and good programming designs (I like to think so atleast), but there is also a test part. I don't really know the VB6 or .NET languages very well. Java is my main language (and I can't compete in it because I already made it to nationals in it last year) and I have plenty of books on it. I don't know the in's and out's of VB .NET like I do Java. Does anyone know a good for programmers book on .NET framework and VB .NET (VB6 was maybe 2-3 question out of 100).

    The program is 70% of the score and test is 30%, but at nationals every point counts. Any recommendations?



  • Not a book per se, but a good place to start if you know Java.  I personally wouldn't worry too much about the VB6 stuff as it's a small part of the test.  When in doubt, just choose the most stupid answer - it can't be too far off. 



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