Fullarticle switch not working

  • Hello everybody

    I am using Firefox to view the site and I cannot switch the display to Full Article.  Java script is enabled and the page reloads when I click the link but it still shows the summary view.  This works alright with IE on the same machine.  Is anybody else experiencing this issue? 

  • Yeah, it isn't working on Firefox. 

  • I've heard this issue a few times but cannot seem to reproduce this on my installation of Firefox 2 -- clearing cookies, etc. I'm working on it though...

  • I see two cookies with the name HPDISPALL. This is the rundown I get from Add'n Edit Cookies.


    Content: Y

    Domain: .worsethanfailure.com

    Path: /

    Send For: Any type of connection

    Expires: Wednesday, May 14, 2008 11:43:33 AM


    Content: N

    Host: worsethanfailure.com

    Path: /

    Send For: Any type of connection

    Expires: at end of session

    If I delete that second cookie, everything magically works. I suspect the different Domain/Host properties of the two cookies is the culprit (notice the presence of the leading period in the first one). Interestingly, my Windows machine is affected, while my Mac is not. Hmm...

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