Windows driver memory leak

  • Does anyone know how to report a bug to Microsoft regarding a memory leak in a kernel driver they distribute? (it's probably developed by Intel but it's a driver for a Surface Pro 4 so they should be the ones giving support)

    Or do I need to write an angry post about it?

  • The "official" tool to report Windows problems is the Feedback Center app in Windows 10. I really, really doubt you'll get any response, but you should probably try your luck there first.

    Normally I would say "don't even bother", but since it's a Surface Pro 4 there might actually be a chance that they care a little bit.

  • @zmaster Use a support incident.

    Assuming you don't want to use and/or pay for one, the Feedback Hub and everything described in the angry blog post (including making your own angry blog post) are typical means of letting folks know about a problem.

    You could also call technical support for your Surface Pro 4, find a way to get past the first few layers of support to people who might understand what you think you've found, and let them know that way.

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