Stackoverflow "consensus"

  • Sometimes I feel down and I know I can lift my spirits by looking at shitty posts on Stackoverflow. The review queues are a good way to get exposed to a stream of shitty posts. So there I am:


    Thanks! The consensus is: this post Looks OK.

    Mahself reviewed this just now: Looks OK
    SomeInternetDude reviewed this 2 mins ago: Unsalvageable
    Jonny reviewed this 5 mins ago: Requires Editing
    lolcat3 reviewed this 10 mins ago: Looks OK
    boredandcatholic reviewed this 18 mins ago: Unsalvageable
    notyourmom reviewed this 22 mins ago: Looks OK

    I don't know what twisted definition of "consensus" they are using.

  • kills Dumbledore

    @gleemonk plurality

  • Fake News

    97% maybe? It's good enough for...

    Wait, sorry, this isn't the Garage.


  • @gleemonk SO got mostly taken over by the Wikipedia "delete everything" squad. So this result is something you should be celebrating.

    What's disturbing is how many people get imaginary internetpointzzz (on StackOverflow, Wikipedia, or whatever) solely so they can delete other people's work. Internetpointzzz turn people into assholes.

  • @blakeyrat said in Stackoverflow "consensus":

    Internetpointzzz turn people into assholes.

    Unless they don't need them to unlock asshole features - then they're being assholes right from the start.

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