Another strange "Tip of the Day"

  • I saw this in pgAdmin's tip of the day window today:

    Not as bad as the "Tips file does not exist" screenshot that appeared in Error'd a couple weeks ago, but still funny.

  • Not really a WTF, but funny yeah.  Goes to show how freewheeling and light-hearted open-source developers can be, when they don't have a boss breathing down their neck forcing them to project an enterprisey image.

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    I do vaguely remember TotDs like this... fun to read if not caught by any *cough* superior being 😉

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  • Reminds me of the classic Warcraft II tips, Never Pet a Burning Dog, Never Spit Into the Wind, etc.

  • Hey, I discovered back in NT3.51 days that you could write your own
    startup ToTDs for 'doze.  This was at my workplace a few years
    back.  I customised all the tips of the day with a variety of
    stupid, surreal, or just plain obscene jokes.

    When they
    eventually upgraded my pc and wanted to hand my old one on to someone
    else, I had to warn them it would be simplest to just format and
    reinstall the thing rather than try and root out all the little
    'customisations'  I'd made.  I think in the end they had to
    have the hard drive cleaned in bleach just to make it hygenic enough to


    See HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Tips for more...  😉


  • "Never run with scissors."

  • Never eat anything larger than your own head.

  • Never take advice from strangers or computer programs.

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