Topic title doesn't persist across tabs

    1. Start a new topic
    2. Give it a title
    3. Give it some text
    4. Open a new tab to WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT dot the dealy wat teh fudge DOT cum
    5. Go to a topic
    6. The composer pops up in tab #2 with the text from step 3, but not the title from step 2


  • :belt_onion:

    @lorne-kates yeah that bites me from time to time, especially since garage topics are never about what the title says. So i end up replying to something from the wrong topic and then both topics end up with interleaved replies about the same thing.

    it happens in more than just the situation you described, but I can't be bothered to figure out what it is that I do that causes it.

  • @darkmatter he's talking about when you start composing a topic, not just a post.

    edit: just tested, and when you compose a post and you open a new tab and the composer pops up there, submitting it while you're in a different topic doesn't actually post it in that other topic... it posts in the original topic that you were composing it in.

    About the only time that I know of when you can post in the wrong topic by mistake is when the post you're replying to is jeffed out of that topic while you're in the process of composing and submitting your reply.

  • SockDev

    It doesn't preserve the category either.

  • :belt_onion:

    @anotherusername no I mean literally that sometimes I click a link into a different topic and the title doesn't change, so I think I'm still in the other topic when I start my response. It doesn't happen every time and I don't know what exact situation causes it, just that I've done it before.

  • @darkmatter oh, that bug.

    I think that one's been fixed, maybe?

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