Regression on the mobile youtube onebox problem

  • @lucas1 said in Challenge: fix our mobile youtube onebox:

    @boomzilla It because if you try doing the pure CSS way you can't control the height and the play button is based on the videos height. I know what you are trying to do, I tried doing it before. But there is a lot of style tags that are set by JS.

    If you could embed youtube cleanly, you could use a height of element ::after to make sure that the width / height was correct with the height (aka correct aspect ratio).


    Something like that. You need to view in js fiddle otherwise it won't make sense because nodebb previews it badly.



    Sexy models are optional of course ... but I was fed up of looking at things I didn't want to see.

    Youtube oneboxes weren't working this weekend, it was cropped again

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