Wonder Woman

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    So I just saw WW. It wasn't really my first choice, but the girl I'm dating wanted to see it. And it was surprisingly good. After the last few DCEU films were painfully horrible and had everyone badly out of character, this actually felt like Wonder Woman.

    I have to wonder about the ending, though. There have been jokes going around about how the DCEU Justice League is basically just carbon copies of The Avengers (so far, we've got an alien with godlike powers, a genius billionaire who fights bad guys with a powered armor suit he invented, and a soldier from the days of the World Wars with a bulletproof shield; all we need now is Green Arrow, Black Canary and... uhh... huh. DC doesn't actually have a good Hulk equivalent, do they?

    Well, if they don't want that perception to get around, should they really have had the climax of the film feature

    an American soldier named Steve who (Warning! Spoilers!) sacrifices himself aboard a German bomber plane in order to prevent a horrible new bomb from being deployed

    Seriously, at this point the jokes just write themselves! But at least she's not cosplaying as Xena this time. She actually looked like Wonder Woman. (Although nobody called her that! I kept waiting for someone to use the name, or at least to slyly allude to it in the manner of modern superhero movies--"Wow, that woman is a real wonder!" or something like that--but it never happened.)

    Overall, though, the DC folks did a really good job for once. If the next one feels more like this and less like the last few, they might actually be able to rescue their cinematic universe!

  • Women won't have made progress in the film industry until one releases a shitty superhero movie and immediately gets a sequel greenlit.

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