All publicity is good publicity

  • Lots of crazy in this one, but this bit lands the story in the sidebar:

    Before this discovery, he’d hired a search optimization company to burnish his site’s reputation by writing positive things about DecorMyEyes online. Odious behavior, he realized, worked much better, and it didn’t cost him a penny.

    As to why he got arrested, this is a sample of the sort of stuff he did:

    According to the criminal complaint, a customer in California complained about receiving damaged, fake Ray-Bans with the wrong prescription, and then allegedly received 35 phone calls a day and many emails calling her a "stupid stupid lady" and a "total degenerate." She was said she received a call from a "police officer" who said a civil harassment suit was filed against her.

  • Arrested Again

    Hmm, what's the story there

    has been previously convicted for threatening customers with violence—including rape and murder


  • undefined

    What a whacko.

  • This topic title reminds me of this trainwreck with the support of some gaming controller:

    "If these people stick with me and follow me, a couple months down the road anything I say is news," he said. "If it gets me somewhere else that I wouldn't have been where this happened ... it's negative now, but controversy and bad news is news and that's just the way it is. Look at all the bad press from people in entertainment industry that turned into something good. Whether I do charity work or something good, I don't know."

  • Dupa

    @wharrgarbl so basically this guy isn't sorry for being rude to the customer, he's sorry he was being rude to a "powerful" customer. And he's only a little bit sorry. What a shithead.

    Think I should call him and tell him that.

  • SockDev

    While Christoforo said blocking his Google Voice number stopped an early flood of harassing phone calls, he's received over 7,000 e-mails in the past 24 hours, some containing threats against him and his wife and two-month-old son.

    I don't care how much he pissed customers off: there is no fucking excuse for that sort of shit.

  • Fake News

    @RaceProUK It seems this happened in 2011 though, latest news seems to be from 2012?

  • Dupa

    @JBert said in All publicity is good publicity:

    @RaceProUK It seems this happened in 2011 though, latest news seems to be from 2012?

    So it doesn't count anymore!

  • Odious behavior, he realized, worked much better, and it didn’t cost him a penny

    Someone should do a proper experiment on this.

    Create a generic small business of some sort. Wait until sales are somewhat stable (near zero, but still stable).

    Then one day send all your customers an email calling them fucking idiots and proclaiming that you're now proudly sponsoring the American Nazi Party or something. At this point your business should be all over the news, meaning you have 10,000x more publicity than you did before. See if sales actually increase. Publish the results.

    Imagine if it turned out to be a good way to make a quick buck! The explosion of intentionally terrible businesses could be quite interesting.

  • Impossible Mission - B

    @anonymous234 Bad Ideas Thread is undefined

  • Fake News

    @anonymous234 That sounds literally like work.

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