A major milestone

  • Impossible Mission - B

    The culmination of six months of hard work!

    I've spent the last half a year doing some major revamps of the Boo compiler, first to get it into a state where it can support async/await, then porting the Roslyn C# compiler's implementation of async/await and the tests for it over, and making everything work. Along the way I had to make major improvements to the compiler's handling of generics, closures, generators, callable types, and overload resolution, so what emerged was a significantly better language implementation.

    It's been a bit exhausting, but oh, TFW I finally was able to get all of the tests to pass successfully and merge everything into the master branch... 😃


    Now to get back to the project I interrupted work on 6 months ago when I realized I was running into problems that I needed async/await to solve. 😛

  • @masonwheeler Major kudos!!

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