Secret Hitler Mk. II - Game Thread

  • Welcome to Secret Hitler


    1. If by some miracle you’re able to post in this thread and aren’t a living player, do not post and report the situation to me. If you want to comment on the ongoing game or berate a player for being an idiot, apply to @Mafia-Club-Ded to get access to the Club Ded topic.
    2. Important: do not report posts in the thread. There are moderators playing. Contact a site administrator instead
    3. When in doubt, ask questions via PM. I may or may not answer depending on the nature of the question, but you can be sure all communication via chat will be kept private.
    4. Each player should have obtained a role card via PM. The role card contains:
      a. Your party membership, Liberal or Fascist
      b. If you are Fascist and not Hitler, you will have received the names of the other Fascists and Hitler
    5. You are not allowed to quote your Role PM directly, or any other private communication with me for that matter.
    6. Do not edit, bookmark or like posts. You shouldn’t be able to, but if you manage to find a clever way to do it anyway, Club Ded will not be amused.
    7. Do not contact other players or Club Ded members outside of threads marked for this purpose, and do not discuss the game anywhere but in those threads. The Big Brother watches you.
    8. Do not encrypt, obfuscate or alter your posts, or use content which can be altered (outside-hosted images, oneboxes, etc.). Report all posts which infringe this rule via a PM to me.
    9. You have to post in the main thread once every 24 hours. And no, if for some reason I don’t do an attendance count on a given day, you’re not off the hook. Don’t gamble with the GM.
    10. There is no Scum/Fascist talk.

    As this is very much not Mafia, some game specific rules:

    1. I very highly recommend you read the official rules as I will be referring to them.
    2. Do not use @vote. All voting will be conducted by PMing me either "Ja!", "Yes", or "Approve" for approval or "Nein", "No", or "Reject" for rejection of a proposed government
    3. Votes can be changed or retracted by PMing me either "Retract" or "no-vote" until all players have voted. On a best effort basis, I will post when I have received ~7 and ~9 votes for a proposed government and identify who has and has not voted. Be aware that once all 10 votes are cast, no changes will be allowed. Once all players have voted, votes will be revealed to all.
    4. Do not post during legislative session (i.e. the time between a president/chancellor being approved and the public reveal of the policy that was passed
    5. Presidential powers must be used.

    Liberals: Enact 5 liberal policies or Kill Hitler
    Fascists: Enact 6 fascist policies or After 3 facist policies have been enacted, elect Hitler as chancellor

    Gameplay summary:

    1. The current president nominates a Chancellor by stating "I formally nominate X as Chancellor". Players are free to discuss who should be selected as Chancellor, but after this point, the choice cannot be changed. The previous President and Chancellor cannot be chosen as Chancellor
    2. Everyone votes to approve or reject the proposed government.
    3. If the vote succeeds with a majority vote of "Ja!", we enter Legislative Session. Tie votes fail.
      a. If three fascist policies have already been passed, the Chancellor will be revealed as either Hitler (fascists win) or Not Hitler (game continues)
      b. The President Receives the top three cards of the Policy deck and discards one
      c. The Chancellor is passed the remaining cards and discards one
      d. The remaining policy is enacted. If a Fascist policy was enacted, the President uses the power granted.
    4. If the vote fails, the election track advances one. If this is the third failed vote in a row the top card in the policy deck is enacted, ignoring the power if a fascist policy was passed, and everyone becomes eligible to become chancellor again.
    5. If there are less than three cards remaining in the policy deck, the discard pile is shuffled into the deck.
    6. President is passed to the next player in line.

    Fascist Power Summary:

    1. Investigate: The current president investigates a player by stating "I formally investigate X". They will then receive a reply with that player's Party Membership. Hitler is only revealed as being "Fascist", not as Hitler. This is used when the first and second Fascist policies are enacted.
    2. Special Election: The current president chooses the next president. After this president, the order returns back to the originally scheduled next president. This is used when the third Fascist policy is enacted.
    3. Execute: The current president executes a player by stating "I formally execute X". If X was Hitler, the game is over. Otherwise, the game continues without revealing the Party Membership of the player. This is used when the fourth and fifth Fascist policies are enacted.

    After 5 fascist policies have been enacted, a new power becomes unlocked allowing the elected government to discard all three policy tiles that were drawn. More details will be provided if or when this happens. Details are also in the rules.

    The rules also contain some good notes on strategy on page 6. I recommend you read them.

    With 10 players, there are three Fascists + Hitler, but Hitler does not know who the other three Fascists are.

    There are 6 liberal and 11 fascist polices in the policy deck, making a total of 17 cards in the deck.

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