Wooden table PowerPoint! And stickies!

  • Brillant!

    FWIW, I've seen Leisa Reichelt (whose presentation this is) speak at BarCampLondon 1 & 2, and she's a great presenter, in part because she comes up with quirky stuff like this to grab the audience's interest. (The other part is that she really knows her stuff.)

  • I know what you mean, both is exactly what separates the good profs from the bad ones.

    I had one professor cook tea for us ,and we did talk about ... stuff ...  for an hour before doing the resume of our semester assignment about programming an audio stegonography solution. In the middle of our presentation,at 10:45, I reminded him of his appointment with a dentist at 11:00 he told us about when agreeing to the time of the meeting. He just said: "Oh, thanks, but it doesn't hurt any more, so we can just go on. And I will not go to the dentist anymore."

    That's what he was like, and his classes were great! Cryptography and stegonography can be pretty boring math-related stuff, but he made it a great class to be in! His name is Prof. Dr. Horst-Günter Heuck (he teached at FH Kiel, Germany) and he is a hell of a guy... ähm... hell of a professor 😉

    Sadly, he retired this semester afaik.

    Mr. Heuck, if you read this: Sie waren ein verdammt guter Prof!

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