CompUSA Auctions (Warning, this post has ten billion images)

  • A while back, I decided I needed an iPod, but not $300 + tax less in my
    wallet.  So I went over to Ebay, found one being auctioned by
    CompUSA and thought, "Good, now I know I'm dealing with a reputable
    company."  I bid on and won the iPod, and shortly thereafter
    received an e-mail with a link that I could follow to complete the transaction.

    Following the link in the e-mail took me to the site pictured below:

    Yeah, that's right, they're not going to tell you what those different
    shipping methods cost.  You're just going to have to pick one and
    take what you get, take it like a man, and like it.

    Clicking on the "continue checkout" button took me to:

    Ok, so it looks like using my selected method of shipping would cost me
    ~$21.00.  Good thing that's not more than I felt like spending,
    because going back to change the shipping method didn't change
    anything for this order.  The shipping info for this order was
    locked in when I clicked the "continue checkout" button on the previous
    page.  Oh well, that's annoying, but I'll go ahead and enter my
    credit infor...oh snap!  I accidentally entered "OH" instead of
    "OK" for my state, AND THERE IS NO WAY I CAN CHANGE IT!




    Rage subsides

    Ahem...well, on the bright side, I could still correct my "Bill To"
    address, so receiving a bill for the iPod in Oklahoma while it's
    shipped to a non-existent address in Ohio was still an option...thank
    heaven for that.

    A day or so later, I received the e-mail in the next picture in reply to my inquiry about changing my "Ship To" state:

    So I had to give them my credit card info with them having the wrong
    shipping address in their database and just trust them that they
    wouldn't screw it all up for me.  Though everything did end up
    working out alright, I was not optimistic.

    Finally, we see what I likely would have faced if I had dared to give them bad feedback on Ebay:

  • To me the qualifications for a WTF is the fact that after all the omens
    smacking you squarely in the face, you still proceeded to submit your
    credit card and personal information to a conspicously deficient web


  • True.  But if I had refused to give them my credit card, I'd have
    received bad reviews on eBay.  And we can't have that, now can we?

  • Hmm, assuming you ever get the offending item, and it works, you saved $20.

  • Yeah, I really was a bit disappointed that I won the auction at the
    price I did.  Still though, if it weren't for the asstastic
    CompUSA auction experience, I might have been happy with the
    purchase.  As it is, I wish I had just gone to Best Buy or something.

  • Ebay feedback is the best part of the whole site. It's hilarious -
    especially for the obvious pirate resellers. Hey, lowest price + bad
    feedback = must bid!

    The homegrown checkout systems are the worst.

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