Mobile composer: zoom when entering text field breaks things

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    Something that's been bugging me for a while, and getting progressively worse...

    When I'm composing a new topic or reply on mobile (iOS 10.3.1/Safari), once I click into the post content window and the keyboard comes up, the page zooms in a bit, making it so that the right edge of the composer is off screen by about 5-7 characters or so. Until recently, the composer would zoom back out when the keyboard was closed, so things weren't generally too bad except for not being able to see what you typed if it happened to run into the off-screen edge.

    Within the past 2 weeks, the composer no longer zooms back out when the keyboard is closed, meaning the "submit" button is offscreen and fairly finicky to get to without re-entering the post edit box. Additionally, the entire forum is now zoomed in at the level of what the composer zoomed in by. Sometimes I can successfully pinch to unzoom, but zoom/unzoom is pretty finicky on mobile, so I often have to just completely reload the forum by navigating to my bookmark.

    The issue seems to be specific to our customizations here: it does not replicate for me on the same device when I try to post at I use the standard white theme (Skin name: Default)

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  • I've noticed the odd zoom, too, but as far as I've noticed, blur and focus on the input a few times usually helps things. And pinching to zoom back out.

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