Hey, GM for the next Mafia game! Yes, I'm talking to you!

    1. Send @ben_lubar a chat with the following information when it's your turn:
      • The usernames of any bots or co-GMs who need access.
      • Any sub-categories/groups you need for your game. Current Game and Club Ded are required for every game, and most Mafia games (but not all of them!) need some sort of antagonist faction.
      • A highlight color for your posts if you don't want the same one as your previous game. The default color for new GMs is this: 25% yellow
      • Any special CSS your game will need. In the past, this has been used for burning usernames (IX) and role-playing names (VI, X­). Any special CSS needs to be finalized some time before the game starts so it has time to be deployed.
    2. When your categories and groups are ready:
      • Make a sign-up topic in the Mafia forum. You need at least the categories of your game and a link to the @Mafia-Club-Ded and @Mafia-Players groups for people to join.
      • Make a topic in each of the current game forums. It's important that you do this as soon as possible so the topic IDs can be added to the forum CSS.
      • Watch your notifications for group join requests. When you're the GM, you're in charge of approving these.
    3. [scene missing]
    4. When your game ends with town losing, ask a moderator that's in Club Ded or any administrator to clean up your game. This used to always be @ben_lubar's job, but any staff member with access to the topics can lock and move them. The rest of the cleanup is done during the setup for the next game.

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